We love body care and clean living. We believe sustainability and healthy options are fundamental. 


Yes, we love skin care, clean living, and sustainability. What began as addressing a personal need grew into a family business. In an effort to provide a clean, vegan-friendly and healthy product; we use organic oils and essential oils in all of our recipes. All of our products are handcrafted; with love. 


We have teamed up with other handcrafters to present a full holistic body care line. We are members of the Handcrafted Soap Guild. We handcraft our body care products with resolve. 


You can find us at local farmers markets, festivals, and special events. We love working in and with our local communities. The community is a large factor for us as individuals make the family, families make the community, and the community makes our society. Therefore, healthy individuals create a healthy community.


The Team

Tasha Moody

Tasha has been studying and working with essential oils since 2013. She began working with essential oils before she even started making soap. Tasha mainly worked with essential oils to manage her and her family's' health.  Once she began making soap, she expanded her reservoir and creating blends. Her drive and passion is the reason we are in the body care business. 

Enda Bowman

Enda is instrumental in the daily operations of creating soap, packaging, and selling of our body care products. She helps in the day to day operations and assisting the team to engage with the mission and purpose.  

Taneka Bowman-Walker

Taneka brings it all together for us. She has a superb eye for setting up and displaying our products. Her customer service skills are impeccable. She also helps in handcrafting our products. She pours love and kindness into every batch she creates.

Will Moody

Will's primary job is to watch our money, make sure we are getting the best products at the best price. He researches vending and marketing opportunities. You will, however, find him from time to time working in a market. He keeps the environment light and always has a way to make people laugh.

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We love body care and clean living. We believe sustainability and healthy options are fundamental.